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NEWS: NAFAA announces women’s concert in the Gambia

The National Female Artist Association (NAFAA) in the Gambia, in partnership with the Music In Africa Foundation (MIAF), will hold the Women’s Unite Festival at Kairaba Beach Hotel in Kololi on 17 September.

The concert forms part of the MIAF’s 
Music In Africa Live (MIALive) project, a support initiative for players in the African music industry launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The projects assists music professionals with funding for digital projects in three grant types: Showcase, Capacity building and Music Advocacy.  

The Women’s Unite Festival will feature performances by eight seasoned and upcoming female musicians, including Sambou SussoCess Ngum, Lena B, Mariama Cham, Awa Gambia, Awa Bling, Sophia Bass and Miss Jobizz

Established in August 2005, NAFAA’s vision is to build capacity and enhance professionalism while creating opportunities for Gambian female musicians.

The recorded performances will be broadcast on 24 September at 8pm GMT on the official NAFAA Facebook page(link is external), Gambian Talents TV and Block Entertainment platforms.

“This is definitely a fantastic opportunity to unleash our talents and skills musically during these times,” Sambou Susso said. “COVID-19 impacted the music sector and this is a way to get us back on our feet.”

NAFAA programme director Kalilu Banja added that audiences could expect “a highly professional acoustic live performance and it will be historic and beneficial for the artists and musicians”.

Music lovers interested in attending the Women’s Unite Festival can acquire tickets by calling the following numbers: +220 229 1905, +220 313 2349, or +220 979 5194. 


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