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NEWS: I and ONLY I (Kirani Ayat) owns the rights to the GUDA

Kirani Ayat, a Ghanaian rapper, has replied to the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) after the organization claimed it acquired permission before integrating elements of "GUDA" in the "Visit Ghana" campaign through a "bespoke creative firm."
Ghana Tourism Authority posted the announcement on Instagram on September 28.

In reaction to (GTA) statements, Kirani Ayat released a press release on tweeter.
“I would like to categorically state that NO agency has any RIGHTS whatsoever to my intellectual property,” he remarked.
The rapper repeated that he had not granted any group permission to utilize his video in any advertising materials.
“I [Kirani Ayat] have NOT given rights to any agency to use my likeness or work on my behalf.”
The statement went on to emphasize that the Ghana Tourism Authority did not divulge the identity of the agency.It ended by ordering the organization to provide the identity of the agency, as well as the signed documents securing the arrangement with the Ghana Tourism Authority.This comes after Kirani Ayat chastised the government for utilizing parts of his video, GUDA, in a "Visit Ghana" campaign ad without the rapper's or music video director David Nicol-consent. Sey's

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