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NEWS: Don Jazzy has denied purchasing "fake streams" for his musicians.

Don Jazzy, a veteran Nigerian producer and music entrepreneur, has refuted charges that he buys "fake streams" to enhance his signees' tracks on digital streaming platforms via a "streaming farm."

Some fans have called out Don Jazzy and other record label owners on social media for employing streaming farms to manipulate stream counts in favour of their artists.

However, in a subsequent interview, the Mavin CEO stated that there was no such thing as a "streaming farm."

He warned aspiring musicians not to be misled by rumours of an existent streaming farm that can improve stream counts.

He exhorted them to strive harder.

"All these side talks of there being some kind of streaming farm somewhere makes you lazy," Don Jazzy stated. Go make wonderful music and do whatever you can to advertise your tunes.

“Don’t sit down there and be assuming ‘this person is getting here because there’s a streaming farm somewhere’. Trust me, it’s just going to be affecting you. You will be thinking that it’s unattainable. You can not get it. Ogbeni, you are doing yourself a disservice.”

“There’s no goddamn f*cking streaming farm. Or I don’t know whether people have it. But take it from people like us that are succeeding, that are at the forefront. I’m telling you that there’s no goddamn streaming farm. It doesn’t make any sense. If there’s a streaming farm why am I not buying it for my artists that are not winning?” he queried.

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