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NEWS: Obrafour Has No Right To Receive Money From Drake For The 'KILLER CUT' Sound - Mastse Aryeequaye.

Chale Wote’s Mantse Aryeequaye, who is the original voice behind the “killer cut” sound which Drake sampled from Obrafuor’s “Oye Ohene” song has come forward to claim intellectual rights.

Mantse responded to Obrafuor's lawsuit with a series of tweets describing how the sound belonged to him, not Obrafuor. He claims that the sound is his and that Obrafuor has no right to claim ownership.

“Hello @RobertFreundLaw, The intellectual property more specifically the ‘KILLER CUT’ sound which was sampled by @Drake in the track “Calling My Name” belongs to Mantse Aryeequaye and not to @iamobrafour …

Hello @Drake the intellectual property more specifically the ‘KILLER CUT’ sound which was sampled in your song “Calling My Name” belongs to me Mantse Aryeequaye and not to @IamObrafuo, Mantse tweeted.

Mantse maintains "intellectual property rights and claim over all my artistic works, including the "Killer Cut" sound you sampled off the "Oye Ohene" remix used on Obrafuor's album."

Mantse tweeted at Drake, saying, "Lawyer Kofi Bentil esq. of Lex Praxis Incorporated who is pursuing this matter has informed me of a lawsuit against you solely in the name of @IamObrafuor."

"I [Mantse Aryeequaye] insist that, while @IamObrafuor has an interest in the matter, he is not the owner of the right, and cannot assert it, certainly not alone, or make any demands for sole compensation for its use," he says in the tweets.

“Drake I wish to convey firmly as owner of the right and request that you consult my lawyer Kofi Bentil before you take any steps regarding claims for compensation for the use of the intellectual property of Mantse Aryeequaye. You’ve been notified,” Mantse added.

Meanwhile, Mantse has publicly stated his displeasure with Obrafuor's actions.

“Hi Mike @iamobrafour I’m disappointed at your actions. Would be good to tell the public the truth about this matter or I will be forced to lay out how you’ve never paid a dime for any of my works on your songs over the last 20yrs,” he tweeted.

Mantse continues, "I've been trying to get you to meet with my lawyers since @Drake released that song." You cannot seek remuneration for intellectual property that you did not purchase. We can go back to what I proposed last year and keep things going."

“For the record @iamobrafour filed a law suit to lay claim to my intellectual property without notification. Mike I expect you to tell the truth about this matter or I will,” he concluded.

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