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PROFILE: Ugly Dray

Rapper Ugly Dray's birth name is Cyril Dally Nana Yaw Elikplim was born in the Ghanaian village of Kute in the Oti Region. He moved to Ghana's capital city, Accra, with his parents when he was six years old, where he finished his basic and secondary education. In 2015, he entered senior high school and began studying building and construction at Ada Technical Institute. 

Cyril is inspired by the flex, lifestyle, and the fact that you get to inspire and serve as a mouthpiece for others while also making people happy. Above all, money is his greatest inspiration. He has always wanted to be a musician since he was a child, and he has been doing music for almost five years now.

On an average day, Cyril finds himself in his personal space, waiting for the next spark of inspiration to begin a new endeavour. He believes that music is all he has, so the majority of what he does on any given day is related to furthering his career.

Ugly believe fans are the most important part of your career aside praising and being happy for you they also let you realize your progression. He always interact with his fans calm and always want to do what they want. 

University and high school show are some venues Ugly Dray likes to perform due to the interactive response from the audience or students.  Meditating, watching more movies and writing songs are some of his hobbies. 

Ugly Dray looks up to Meek Mill in the music industry, talking about his significance, wealth, and lifestyle, and inspiring an entire generation, which has always been his aim.

Ugly advice for the upcoming is to always be humble, to always move with positivity, to make positive and hardworking friends, to always be different from the others because that is what will make you stand out, and to never stop because you never know who is watching.

Watch Ugly Dray performing WE OUTSIDE :

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