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NEWS : Stoneboy's anti-Galamsey song 'Greedy Men' submitted to the Grammy Recording Academy by Kafui Dey

Ghanaian journalist and author Kafui Dey tweeted about submitting raggae singer and CEO of Burnition Music Group Livingstone Etse Satekla's song 'Greedy Men' an Anti-Galamsey Song to the Grammy Recording Academy for nomination in the 'Best Song for Social Change' Category.  

Best Song For Social Change is a new special merit award created by a Blue Ribbon Committee. According to the Grammy Recording Academy, this award will be given to a song with lyrical content that challenges an important social issue and inspires understanding, peace building, and empathy.

The wonderful song "Greedy Men" by Stonebwoy is a campaign to keep African leaders aware of their duties to improve the continent as a whole. He also made a point of emphasizing how Galamsey is polluting our water and lands; 

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