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NEWS: Afro Beat Is A Baby From Dance Hall - Bounty Killer.

Best lyricist of all time for Jamaican reggae and dancehall deejay in an interview with I NVER KNEW TV, Rodney Basil Price, also known as Bounty Killer, discussed the rise of Afro beats on the international market and if dance hall  still has a place. 

Bounty mentioned in the interview how pleased he is for afro beat songs and Africans, and how African and Jamaican songs are similar. He expressed his joy for Afro. 

Afro rhythms do not detract from dance hall, but rather enhance it. 

He characterises Afro beats as a dance hall infant and a relative. 

"Afro beats has nothing to do with dancehall; Afro beats is a different genre." Afro beats were never intended to compete with dancehall or to steal something from it; I'm not sure why people continued comparing Afro beats and dancehall!… "Afro beats is like a baby from dancehall; they're related." 

He later shared the reasons he believes are the problems with dancehall music today, stating that dancehall music today has no topics, which is why Afro beats is now leading the world music, but lyrically Afro beat is poor, being full of melodies, grooves, style topic, and made an example with Burna Boy's song title 'YE'.

Dancehall music is no longer simple and technical, but rather highly technical, with a further explanation that dance hall musicians today are making music or songs sound like a test in which you must figure out the contents of the song. Nobody wants to puzzle music; we want music to relieve stress he said. 

Watch the full interview below : 

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