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NEWS: Nigerian Singer Naira Marley Denies Involvement in Ex-Signee Mohbad's Death Amid Escalating Controversy.

Nigerian artist Naira Marley, also known as Azeez Fashola, and the head of Malian Records, refutes allegations of involvement in the demise of former signee Mohbad. Claims of instigating harassment against Mohbad following his departure from Malian Records debunked.

In the wake of Mohbad's tragic passing, accusations surfaced, pointing fingers at Naira Marley for allegedly influencing his friend Sam Larry and others to intimidate the late singer after leaving Malians Records. Footage from the past added fuel to the fire, showcasing instances of Sam Larry harassing Mohbad prior to his demise, triggering widespread outrage among Nigerians, prompting criticism of Naira Marley and Sam Larry on various social media platforms.

Naira Marley vehemently denies accusations of bullying the late singer and highlights his lack of involvement in any harassment. Mohbad's demise on September 12th and subsequent burial in Ikorodu, Lagos, have raised controversies and conspiracy theories.

Issuing a statement via his Instagram, Naira Marley expressed condolences to Mohbad's family, emphasizing his commitment to proving his innocence and cooperating with authorities to clear his name with substantial evidence. Furthermore, he rebuts claims of operating Malian Records as a drug cartel.

In the face of heightened scrutiny, Naira Marley stands firm, refuting any role, direct or indirect, in the tragic incident, attributing attempts to tarnish his reputation and suggesting a potential sinister plot behind Mohbad's death.

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