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NEWS: Pat Thomas Reveals That His Secret To Success Lies In The Power Of Consistency.

For nearly five decades, veteran High-life musician Pat Thomas has captivated audiences with his timeless songs, garnering both local and global acclaim. In a highly competitive Ghanaian music industry where new and seasoned acts vie for recognition, Pat Thomas stands as an unshakeable legend whose significance will never fade.

So, what is the secret behind his enduring success? In an exclusive interview with the Graphic Showbiz, the iconic Sika Ye Mogya hit maker attributed it all to consistency. Pat Thomas's unwavering dedication to promoting High-life music and his genuine love for the genre have solidified his position in the Ghanaian music industry and the global music scene.

Amidst exposure to new cultures and evolving musical styles, Pat Thomas remained resolute, carving out a unique niche for himself and setting international standards for the appreciation of Ghanaian High-life music. He expressed,

 "I believe it all boils down to keeping at what I love doing all the time and my passion for High-life music." 

Despite growing threats from other cultures, new genres, and industry heavyweights, Pat Thomas stayed true to his passion, surpassing expectations with each performance.

By unwavering adhering to the defining elements of High-life music, Pat Thomas has become the artist he is today. He emphasised that had he shifted focus or lacked consistency, he might not have achieved this remarkable milestone. Grateful for the support from the industry and Ghanaians throughout the years, Pat Thomas acknowledges that his success is a result of staying faithful to his craft.

In his interview, the renowned Gyae So singer offered guidance to aspiring High-life artists, urging them to preserve the genre's distinctiveness by resisting the demands of new cultures and novel genres. Pat Thomas contended that Highlife music, with its roots deeply embedded in Ghana, boasts a distinctive history. Any attempt to alter it to accommodate modern musical styles would only dilute its essence.

Pat Thomas firmly believes that originality holds more value. He advised fellow High-life artists to remain true to the genre's defining characteristics, avoiding the incorporation of other genres that may erode the essence of High-life. He passionately expressed, "High-life is what distinguishes us as Ghanaians, and we can only present it and create songs with all of its distinctive components."

Known as the Golden Voice of Africa, Pat Thomas, born Nana Kwabena Amo Mensah in Agona in the Ashanti Region, is a globally recognized Ghanaian vocalist and songwriter. His contributions to High-life music include collaborations with esteemed bands such as Ebo Taylor, Marijata, Sweet Beans, and the Kwashibu Area band during his recent global tour. With a repertoire that includes songs like Oba, Mewo Akoma, Odo Adaada, Stay There, and Asawa Do, Pat Thomas continues to showcase his versatility and talent.

To honour Pat Thomas's exceptional career, a concert titled "Pat Thomas High-life Night" will be held on August 4, 2023, at the prestigious Accra International Conference Centre (AICC). This event, paying tribute to the living legend as he enters his seventies, promises to be a celebration of the everlasting legacy of High-life music.

As the music industry evolves, Pat Thomas stands as a guiding light, reminding us of the importance of preserving the roots and distinctiveness of our cultural heritage. His unwavering passion and dedication have solidified his place among the legends, ensuring that his influence will continue to shape Ghanaian music for generations to come.

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