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NEWS: Shatta Wale Criticizes Stonebwoy: "You're Just a Curtain-Raiser, Won't Achieve Global Success," Claims Shatta Wale.

Accra, Ghana – In a fiery exchange within the Ghanaian music scene, renowned artist Shatta Wale took aim at Stonebwoy, lashing out in a trending video that has garnered significant attention. The clash comes amid discussions about the state of the Ghanaian music industry, sparked by Nigerian artist Asake's successful 02 Arena concert.

Stonebwoy, participating in a live Twitter spaces discussion hosted by Berla Mundi on August 24, delved into the pressures faced by Ghanaian musicians striving to match the achievements of their Nigerian counterparts. The artist emphasized the need for robust industry structures rather than succumbing to external pressures.

Shatta Wale, however, vehemently disagreed with Stonebwoy's perspective. Accusing Stonebwoy of attempting to emulate international stars like Burna Boy, Shatta Wale claimed that Stonebwoy was dressing the part and seeking attention to meet these aspirations. He did not mince his words in expressing his opinions.

"Stonebwov was asked if he was facing pressure, and he said no pressure, but awareness. You dress and do your Instagram photos like Burna Boy. Hasn't anyone told you?" Shatta Wale expressed in the video. He further criticized Stonebwoy for attempting to perform on stage at the same time as Wizkid and not adhering to given performance schedules.

Pointing out financial disparities, Shatta Wale highlighted the pay difference between Stonebwoy and Burna Boy, claiming that the latter earned significantly more. "You allow yourself to be paid $10,000 while Burna Boy gets paid $300,000. Did you expect to be treated like an important person? You are just a curtain raiser!! You will never get the same platform as Wizkid, Davido, or Burna Boy!" Shatta Wale asserted.

This isn't Shatta Wale's first instance of vocalizing his opinions on fellow Ghanaian artists. He previously drew criticism for congratulating Asake on his successful 02 Arena show while castigating Ghanaian musicians for their perceived inability to achieve similar heights. As the clash between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy unfolds, the Ghanaian music industry watches closely to see how this exchange will impact its dynamics.

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